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Hello Lamer Gamers! This is simplyTravis and Rowdy5000 for the Lamer Gamers Podcast!
In today’s episode we’re going to talk about some of the top gaming news from this week including the Game Gear Micro surprise release, Nyko is now offering relief for people and Nintendo’s affected by their Portable Dock, new Minecraft Dungeons DLC releasing in July, and we’ll read Sony’s announcement about the PS5 debut has being postponed. Afterwards we’ll give you impressions of Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition, Minecraft Dungeons, Maneater, and Assassin’s Creed Origins. Then we’re adding a special BONUS POINTS section where we ask a couple questions to end the show including What if Cyberpunk 2077 sucks and does Travis think that Google Stadia is worth buying after he’s finally played Stadia Pro.
Now let’s eat a suit of armor and the license plates from every single state and Mako our way to the Clovis Bay as we Hammerhead our enemies to their watery graves in the latest episode of the Lamer Gamers Podcast!

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