What is Autoflowering Hemp and How to Grow It


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One of the buzzwords in the hemp space this year is autoflower. But what is it and why would you want to grow it? This episode answers those questions and a whole lot more with a roundtable panel discussion about autoflowering varieties of industrial hemp with Lancaster County farmer Steve Groff, Atlas Seed Co. Breeder Joe Ullman, and Atlas Seed Co. grower Ryan Power.

And here’s what we cover:

• The differences between autoflower and photoperiod hemp

• Is cloning an option

• Expected feminization rates

• When does the flowering cycle start

• Best time to plant

• Recommended spacing

• Transplanting vs. direct seeding

• Optimal feeding plan

• Harvesting

• Expected yields

• Cannabinoid percentages and more.

For more information, check out Atlas Seed (https://atlasseed.com/) and Hemp Innovators (https://www.hempinnovators.com/)

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