The Science Behind Turkey Loads with Nate Robinson


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On this week's podcast you will hear from our special guest Nate Robinson of Winchester Ammunition. Nate is a dear friend of Land & Legacy and has a deep understanding of the science behind quality ammunition. On top of this, he has a passion for turkey hunting, so he was the perfect guest to chat about the innovative Longbeard XR turkey load.

For nearly ten years, we have been shooting the Longbeard XR round with some great results. With Nate's understanding of the round, we discuss the in's and out's of the buffering, compression of the ignition, deformation of lead pellets, shot size, and downrange performance. In addition, we discuss the cost, which is extremely economical compared to the newest fade of TSS loads. $2.50 per round or $12.50 a round makes a big difference!

If you enjoy turkey hunting and turkey stories, this is a great podcast for you!

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