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Finally, it is here! We have been hinting at this for some time and after many months of development, we are releasing a new service to landowners. This podcast unveils and describes in full detail a new way we are able to assist landowners in managing their property.

For many years we have been putting boots on the ground with clients across 27 states by completing in the field consultations. This has been the backbone of our services, but this has also allowed us to survey the country and learn the typical plant communities that occur in each region. This long term research has allowed us to confidently offer Virtual Property Evaluations as a service to those who may not be able to commit to a full consultation. This service will be conducted via online video conferencing software, so we will be able to share screens and accurately guide you to your property goals. This service will assist those looking to get more out of there property, maximize the landscape, improve habitat, develop hunting strategies, and guide people to the right real estate transactions.

For more information on this service please visit our website at, click the consultation tab, the necessary details are listed there. Be sure to send an email through the website! We are very excited to work with landowners in a new fashion. Everyone is hungry for land management information, so we want to reach as many people as possible sharing valuable information that will produce real results. Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand

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