LaRouche on the Record: #4


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Welcome to LaRouche on the Record -- a series of excerpts of Lyndon LaRouche, in his own words, discussing the need for a New Bretton Woods. In this episode, we hear Lyndon LaRouche speaking at a Washington DC event on Wednesday, October 1, 2008. This speech takes place in the middle of an incredibly significant week in US politics. Two days earlier, on Monday, the House of Representatives, responding to immense public pressure, had voted against the bank bailout bill proposed by Bush’s Treasury Secretary, Hank Paulson. Only a few hours after LaRouche gave this speech, the Senate would support the bailout, with Barack Obama taking a break from his presidential campaign for “Hope and Change” to make a speech on the Senate floor in favor of the bailout. Two days later, on Friday, the House, under huge pressure from Wall Street and the Bush Administration, also voted to pass the bailout bill. Instead of a bailout, what did LaRouche demand?

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