LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat with Bruce Director, August 23, 2018


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As LaRouche associated organizations world-wide undertake a campaign for a new Four Powers Agreement, and a fixed exchange rate monetary system based on Franklin Roosevelt's intentions, how do we situate the scientific basis for this task? How can we assure ourselves that our current proposals will produce prosperity two generations hence in each of these very different social systems in different stages of development? What is the universal idea we are introducing into these discussions and what is its scientific basis? How can we prove that this idea will succeed in the present world-wide economic dynamic? Bruce Director, who has dedicated himself to exploring the scientific basis of LaRouche's economic ideas for decades, will be tonight's guest. His discussion will center on provoking a discussion of the profound philosophical and epistemological roots of LaRouche's ideas rather than the oft times banal and oversimplified renditions developed as the result of pragmatic considerations or worse. As demonstrated repeatedly throughout the history of the LaRouche movement, it is these profound ideas about man and nature which transform individuals and are center stage in recruiting them to the task of creating a new renaissance. Join us for tonight's discussion. ---------- Subscribe to LaRouchePAC Live: Subscribe to LaRouchePAC Videos: Subscribe to LaRouchePAC Science: Get active, become an organizer: Receive daily email updates from LaRouchePAC: Donate to LaRouchePAC: Keep connected at: ==========

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