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In a 2000 pamphlet entitled, “He’s a Bad Guy But I Can’t Say Why,” Lyndon LaRouche spoke of the reasons for the legal atrocity conducted against him: “The oligarchs’ rule is to weed out potentially troublesome persons of republican impulse at all levels. . . So, in 1973, Wall Street’s Justice Department lackeys said, ‘Kill him!’ When I began to play a marginal role internationally and then run for President, the oligarchy reacted, by judging me to be potentially even more dangerous than in 1973. By 1982, my influence internationally had reached the level at which the oligarchs decided to eradicate me and everyone associated with me. They did so because they were frightened, because they fear that someone might do as I was committed to doing, utilize the impending global crisis to bring back the American system and its legacy.” In the same pamphlet, LaRouche noted that the ability of unique leaders, like him, to mobilize youth to change systemic wrongs, made these leaders unique targets for oligarchical rage.

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