Influencers, Musicians, and Ventriloquists…oh my! The many forms of modern missionary work – Episode 14


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Nick Sales, LDS Musician and Influencer This episode is all about being an “mormon influencer.” An influencer is a term that advertising and public relations professionals use to describe people that have a certain influence over the public, be it an audience from their social media activity, youtube videos, or the occasional podcaster. There is a growing pool of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that are being missionaries, or being ambassadors of the gospel of Jesus Christ, by being an influencer. On today’s episode we have two interviews back to back with some of the young return-missionaries that are influencers, and having a positive impact on the world through their music and youtube videos. First, Kelsey Edwards and I interview Nick Sales. He is a video producer, musician and influencer that will introduce this idea of being a missionary in today’s modern internet world using social media in missionary work. Nadia Khristean - LDS Musician and Influencer. "Music for a cause" After that interview, Kelsey interviews Nadia Khristean about how her mission to Peru inspired her post-mission career to create music with a message, or music for a cause. We will be hearing music from both of our influencers throughout this episode. In our Latter-day Lives segment from Shawn Rapier who interviews Kerry Summers who is a magician, ventriloquist, and all around entertainer, but most notably for this interview, Kerry is an Elvis Enthusiast and impersonator. He tells a super amazing story from his mission service that you will be glad to stay tuned for. Please go listen to Kerry’s full interview on the Latter-day Lives. He has a cool story about a Book of Mormon that was given to Elivs, as well as evidence that he read it and made notes about his impressions of the Book of Mormon, go check it out. Nick Sales - Abide With Me Tis Eventide - Music Video Nadia Khristean (Featuring Kelsey Edwards) - See You Again - Music Video Kerry Summers - One Man Variety Show Each week LDS MissionCast shares new ways to be a mormon missionary. This is a podcast for mormon missionaries preparing to serve a mission, on a mission, or who have come home from a mission and want to continue in the spirit of missionary work. You can listen to past episodes on our podcast page, or through your favorite podcasting platform.

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