Reacculturation of Mormon Missionaries with Kathleen Sheffield – Episode 7


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Kathleen Sheffield has been a dance instructor at BYU since 1985. During her time at BYU she has had the opportunity to observe thousands of missionaries go and come home from serving a mission. She has studied the reacculturation that takes place after a missionary serves their time as a missionary. She is now taking that study towards earning her doctorate. We interview her about her research thus far and discuss some of the interesting challenges that missionaries face in being reacculturated back into their home life. To participate in Kathleen's survey (which you should do if you are a return missionary), take five minutes to fill out this short survey (click here). The survey ends March 22nd 2018. Shawn Rapier also interviews author of the book, The Fattest Mormon, Tyson Abaroa, about a special experience he had on his mission while serving in Santiago Chile. Click here to listen to the full interview at the Latter-day Lives podcast.

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