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PODCAST-In this episode we cover a very controversial topic that everyone seems to have an opinion on. That is the law abiding biker culture and how prevalent tattoos are now. Although tattoos have become more mainstream, there is still much discrimination amongst persons with tattoos by employers and society. What is it that draws law abiding bikers to get tattoos? Is it part of a deeper meaning of freedom and a way to separate yourself from standard society and to be free? Why are persons with tattoos still discriminated against? Does it matter what part of your body you put tattoos on? Different generations have strong beliefs and opinions in reference to tattoos. It’s time people get over it and start accepting that many great people have tattoos and are productive hard working law abiding bikers and citizens. We cover all this and much more in this episode!

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Mitch Rowland commented: "I Just found your site, what I have seen has been great. I have a 2014 street glide special on order I will be getting in touch fir a bit of advise I am sure any thoughts on the hidden antenna and rear crash bars for this bike. I am not very computer savy so do I get up dates from Harley or do I need to go to you. Thx Mitch"

My response to Mitch Rowland: "Thanks so munch for the contact. You might get updates from Harley if you are subscribed to their newsletters. I’m sure you can do it on their website. COME HERE for all your Law Abiding Biker Media and other needs!! Go here for a hidden hardly davidson antenna->!-audio-hidden-am-fm-wb-antenna. As for the rear crash bars go here -> Hope this helps you. Don’t forget to check out our podcast, free videos, and for purchase videos!! Ride safe brother!!"

Javier Martinez Commented: "All your procedures are very helpful, but NOTE for the softail owners: The drain plugs are in different locations. The transmission drain plug is between the two shocks under the center of the bike. The oil drain plug is where the transmission drain plug is shown on this video and the primary fluid drain plug is pretty much in the same area as the bike for this video. This is for 2013 softails and some years before. Double check. You don’t want to pull the wrong plug!"

My response to Javier Martinez: "Thanks for the contact Javier and thanks for sharing your particular model and where things are located. I know the rest of the Law Abiding Biker Community appreciates it. Of course, the different years and models will have variations, so if everyone shares it would be awesome!"

Bob from Cobourg Canada commented: "On a 2000 Harley 1200, how much oil do you put in rear shocks and what type ?? Thanks Bob"

My response to Bob: "Thanks so much for the contact Bob!! I would definitely have to call the Harley Dealer on that one. Just call any Harley Davidson Dealer and ask them. They will tell you right over the phone. I have had to do that on some older bikes. God Bless and Ride Safe!!"

The Sworn Few Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club (LEMC) has a prospective chapter (Big River Crew) two hours north of the Mother Chapter, which is based out of Yakima, WA. As one of their many obligations and required projects to possibly obtaining full Sworn Few LEMC chapter status, they had to make a bad ass riding video. You can check out their new video at. CHECK OUT THEIR NEW VIDEO!

I have a very good relationship with my local Harley Davidson Dealership, to include the awesome mechanics there! The new 2014 Harley Davidson Boom Box Infotainment System is foreign to them and also to the salesman. I quickly became known as an expert with the operation of the Boom Box Infotainment system (I am the Hi-Tech Redneck after all-LOL). Harley Davidson is making their personnel watch company videos and they have to pass tests on the new Boom Box Infotainment System. I was very humbled when I received a call from our local Harley Davidson mechanics. They requested I come to the dealership and explain a few items on the Harley Davidson Boom Box Infotainment System to them.

The new Boom Box Infotainment System is completely new to the Harley Davidson mechanics and I don’t blame them for not completely understanding it. So, of course I spent some time with them and answered their questions. They always treat me well and I didn’t mind doing this at all on my own time. They are aware of the complete Harley Davidson Boom Box Infotainment System Tutorial Video ( that I produced and recommend it to their customers.

Here are 2 highly succesful videos that you should consider:

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We have released a new free tutorial video on how to remove/install the front outer fairing on a Harley Davidson Touring Model and here is where to get it:

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