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PODCAST-In this episode we dive deep into the History Channel's new 6 part television series Gangland Undercover, which premiered on February 24, 2015. As a law abiding biker/motorcyclists you may be wondering whether or not you should dive in and watch this television series? We break it down for you and whether you should spend your time doing so. We separate fact from fiction, so you have the right mindset going into the television series, so listen in on this one!

This Gangland Undercover drama series is a fictionalized retelling of the story of meth dealer-turned-ATF informant Charles Falco, who spent three years inside one of America's most dangerous motorcycle gangs, the Vagos. Although Falco originally took on the assignment to avoid spending 20 years in prison on drug charges, it eventually evolved into a quest for justice for him. "Gangland Undercover" documents the lives of outlaw bikers, who live in a world in which respect is earned through fear. The series is based on Falco's memoir, "Vagos, Mongols, and Outlaws," and documented historical research of gang rivalries.

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BOOK TITLE: Vagos, Mongols, and Outlaws: My Infiltration of America's Deadliest Biker Gangs

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Additional Show Information

Filming for Gangland Undercover took place in Toronto and Arizona

Charles Falco was on hand to assist

Charles Falco

Ashley Charles Wyatt also known as Charles Falco

Was a methamphetamine cook and got busted

Looking at 20 years in prison

Turned into ATF informant to work off prison sentence

Infiltrated the Vagos criminal motorcycle gang from 2003-2006

Falco even served time in San Bernardino’s Murder Unit and endured solitary confinement to protect his cover and the investigations.

Was in a serious motorcycle collision while infiltrating the gang

Suffered a fractured neck and a severely torn shoulder

Rose to Victorville, Calif., chapter VP in Vagos

Nearly became a target himself before he sought refuge in the Witness Protection Program

Falco eventually left the Program and volunteer his talents again to infiltrate the Mongols and Outlaws criminal motorcycle gangs

Became Vice President of the Petersburg, Virginia Outlaws chapter

Infiltrated Vagos, Mongols, Outlaws

Resulted in a total of 62 arrests

Falco's real life ATF handler

Darrin Kozlowski

Former Mongols undercover ATF Special Agent Darrin Kozlowski who infiltrated the Mongols criminal motorcycle club

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Daymon Runyon

Main Actor

Playing Charles Falco


At the disapproval of his wife bought a motorcycle when he got the part

Ari Cohen

Plays Falco's ATF Handler


Paulino Nunes

Plays Chapter President-Schizo


James Cade


Melanie Scrofano


Don Francks

Plays the old buy in the Vagos gang


Stephen Mcintyre

"Kidd" in the series

Plays role as Falco's sponsor and is later killed in a motorcycle crash

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