Ep 108: Scrap Different with Layout a Day – Stamp Me Up, Baby!


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Welcome back to Layout a Day! The best part of True Scrap is getting to work with fabulous people, whether it’s our amazing students or our incredible instructors. And after being in the scrapbooking industry for over a decade, connecting with another “long-timer” is especially wonderful for me. This is Bev Kramlich-Grey’s second appearance at a True Scrap event (she taught at True Stamp in March) and I am thrilled to work with her again! It’s always fun to compare notes on the weather, the latest and greatest trends in scrapbooking (apparently, cardstock is passe! Who knew?!), and just connect. Listen in as we chat about the latest and greatest from Technique Tuesday, and what you can see in Bev’s class at True Scrap 5, “Stamps, Dies and Punches – Oh My!”

Get a load of the new steel dies from Technique Tuesday! Bev Grey is teaching a class on stamping and dies at True Scrap 5. <a href=http://www.truescrap.com/ts5" src="https://layoutaday.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Greysneak-670x451-300x201.jpg" width="300" height="201">

You’re going to love this discussion of photography, technology, and the merging of the two.

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Links in today’s episode:

True Scrap 5

True Scrap 5 Two-Pay Option

Technique Tuesday

Stay tuned for more True Scrap featured interviews before the big event on October 11-12!

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