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Crafty Marketing with Traci ReedWe’re baaaAACK! (insert scary music here). It’s me, Lain Ehmann, and THE Traci Reed. We’re chatting about Traci’s penchant for marketing and her new class with Scrapaneers called Crafty Marketing Made Easy.

We chat about:

-How Traci’s income and visibility skyrocketed as a direct result of her marketing efforts

-Why she considers networking to be a critical component of marketing

-How you can get access to Traci directly to get some of your burning marketing questions answered LIVE

Traci’s class is self-paced and includes the following modules:

Module 1: Home Base | Discover why it’s important to have a functional, easy to find website for your home base, even if you’re not a blogger.

Module 2: Give It Away Now! | The secret of the freebie, why they’re necessary, and how to do them the right way.

Module 3: Your #1 Asset | Learn about the importance of the mailing list, how to build one, best mailing list practices and how to provide value for your mailing list beyond weekly drop and run product announcements.

Module 4: Gettin’ Social | Understand why Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are essential building blocks to your marketing strategy, how to maximize their potential and how to interact with people in a way that will make them want to invest in your brand long term.

Module 5: Pin It | Learn the secrets of going viral on Pinterest, how to manage your brand on Pinterest and how to maximize Pinterest marketing without annoying all your followers into hitting the “unfollow” button.

Module 6: Branching Out | Find out why it’s important to network, collaborate and interact with other people and brands in your niche and the ways to most effectively get other brands to “invest” in you too!


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Crafty Marketing Made Easy, a new self-paced class from THE Traci Reed.


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