Maximizing Your Writing! A conversation with Hope Writers Founder, Emily P Freeman!


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On this bonus podcast Steph and Jo speak with Emily P. Freeman, author of 5 books and founder of Hope Writers - a community for writers of all stages who want to take their writing to their next level!

Lead Stories is so thankful to partner with Hope Writers because we deeply believe in what they do!

If you are thinking about writing, have just started writing, or have been writing for a while - the Hope Writers Community is for YOU!

Hope Writers is a community of working writers dedicated to the success and creativity of each member. They offer live weekly training, an engaged community, and an online library filled with writing + publishing resources.

Training and investment to move you further along on your path!

The community opens only a few times a year – and the next window opens on May 21st – 24th

Here are some free resources to help you consider if it’s a fit for you:

Check out hope*writers Writer Path Quiz


Newbie’s Publishing Guide


Expert Answers to 20 Questions Writers Ask

And when you’re ready for the next step...

Sign up to join the May hope*writers community. (Link will be live May 21st-24th)

Don’t wait forever – we need your words!!

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