#106: Michael and Megan Answer Your Questions


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Leaders are expected to have the answers. But sometimes they need to get insight from other leaders to stay on top of their game. In this episode, we reached out to our Instagram audience for their most pressing questions for Michael and Megan. They bring practical solutions to the problems many leaders face, based on more than 30 years of business experience.

In this episode you’ll discover—

  • The one significant change Michael and Megan would make in their work life if they could go back and do it over again.
  • Suggestions for finding a job at a place like Michael Hyatt and Company.
  • How to stand out in the workplace and rise in your organization.
  • Tips for adjusting your morning and evening rituals when you’re traveling or on an alternate schedule.
  • Whether or not you should ask your employer for a different position that you are more passionate about.
  • How to determine if you should fire a toxic client.
  • Advice on giving difficult feedback and maintaining mutual respect.

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