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If you want to build a satisfying life without sacrificing a paycheck, and you want to build a more profitable business without sacrificing your life, then this episode of the Lead with Love podcast is for you.

In this episode, I get cozy with Scott Voelker, founder and host of The Amazing Seller podcast, a TOP Ranked Business show where he helps regular, everyday people start and grow their own online business in Ecommerce.

Scott is a serial entrepreneur that has built and helped others build 6 and 7 figure brands online over the past 15 years and has now taught and inspired thousands all over the world, through his “Take Action” approach with his book: The Take Action Effect: Proven Steps to Build a Future-Proof Business & Create Your Ultimate Freedom.

What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!):

:: How Scott knew it was time to leave his father’s construction business and become his own boss

:: What it looked like to start a photography business with his wife and the benefits and challenges of being in a partnership with a spouse

:: How Scott transitioned to the online space and what pushed him to do so

:: The marketing strategies from his early days of being an entrepreneur that still work for him (and you) today

:: What his first product launch looked like, and why he says it literally “changed his life”

:: What inspired him to start his top-ranked podcast and the “failures” that taught him so much about podcasting, business and life in general

You can find the full show notes from this episode over at https://jadahsellner.com/amazing-effect-taking-action-scott-voelker-171

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