Leo Tolstoy’s Coaching Wisdom Episode 5!


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‘Real freedom comes from living your own life so you are aligned with who you really are’

This is the next part of a series exploring the ‘Calendar of Wisdom’ from the great philosopher Leo Tolstoy.

Each month Rob is sharing the daily wisdom of Leo Tolstoy and in this episode the wise words range across truth, courage, being in nature and encompass humility, keeping your head, being yourself and taking baby steps on the journey to finding your inner peace.

Rob invites you to find ‘somewhere to hang your hat’ in this podcast which has something that will resonant with every leader, manager and coach.


  • Courage - Always remember you can make a decision at any moment in time. Courage more than anything else is about non-conformity and standing up for what you believe.
  • The truth - We can speak the truth kindly and quietly but be committed and courageous and do not be weakened by any opposition.
  • Understand that many answers lie in the natural world around us. Recovery and recuperation time should be spent in green spaces within the natural world where ever possible.
  • Understand that the only journey that matters is the one within. It’s what it means to you, how you deal with things on an internal basis.
  • Resonance is an indicator that you are on a path so it’s vital to look within and feel when you hear something, reads something or say something.
  • Humility - We all get caught up in our own actions we all get caught up in our own world and our own importance. Humility is a great characteristic to have and should be developed.
  • Often we need to get ourselves out of our own way - Our needs, anxieties and thought processes lead us to think things over and over when we need to make the decision and let it happen.
  • What or who is your guiding light - Life is challenging and there are great things that come before us that require big things from us.
  • The time is now - It’s what we do now that makes the difference.
  • Unify your thought process and concentrate on the next thing to be done.
  • The peace that exists within us – is there when you are faced with external events with potential noise.
  • Real happiness comes from serving other people. The greatest rewards come from the greatest amount of service.
  • Be as kind with your words to yourself as you are to others. Above all else know yourself so you can be true to yourself and in alignment.


‘Courage is one of the greatest characteristics you can develop’

‘We often need to make the decision have faith and let it go’

‘Life is a process and it’s important to be process orientated taking baby steps along the path.’

‘Peace is always available within yourself and is a place you can work from to make the most of any situation’


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A Calendar of Wisdom by Leo Tolstoy


Rob Ryles is a UEFA A licensed coach with a League Managers Association qualification and a science and medicine background. He has worked in the football industry in Europe, USA and Africa; at International, Premiership, League, Non-League and grassroots levels with both World Cup and European Championship experience.

Rob Ryles prides himself on having a forward-thinking and progressive approach to the game built through his own experience as well as lessons learned from a number of highly successful managers and coaches.

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