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Wondering how you can leverage digital marketing and podcasting to grow and scale your business?

On today’s show, we interview Jay Wong who shares with us his distilled wisdom on digital marketing, branding, and positioning. Jay is the founder and CEO of The Inner Changemaker and Podcast your Brand.

Apart from various growth hacks, you will also learn the importance of working with clients who are the right fit for you.

Back in 2019, Jay was among the first guests on the Leaders of Tomorrow podcast. Monthly revenues for Jay’s marketing agency, have since, nearly tripled to $70K.

We start this show with Jay sharing how the desire to provide more value to his current clients first kickstarted his agency business three years back. Jay was already selling online programs and memberships. And, at the insistence of a persistent client, Jay decided to add done-for-you services to his repertoire.

On today’s show, we have an interesting discussion about how digital marketing has dramatically evolved over the past three years. Especially, as all the platforms have gotten noisier post the pandemic, you will learn why you need to remain patient. And slowly build out all the digital assets that will guarantee consistent success.

You will also learn how can find the clients who are the right fit for your agency.

As a seasoned entrepreneur and agency owner, Jay shares his experiences and revealed some nuanced tips to help you vet a client.


What You Will Learn In This Show

  • How I scaled my agency business from $0 to $70K monthly revenues in three years flat
  • How the digital marketing landscape has dramatically evolved over the past year
  • How to determine the “right-fit” clients for your marketing agency
  • Why patience is the key to success in digital marketing
  • And so much more…


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