322: Patricia Romboletti: How To Bulletproof Your Career


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What do you need to know to bulletproof your career as a senior level leader?

Patricia Romboletti is the founder of the Bulletproof Your Career Methodology, a 4-phase coaching system for senior executive leaders, and the author of Bulletproof Your Career: Secure Your Financial Future and do Fulfilling Work on Your Own Terms...for LIFE.

After 18 years of experience as a retained executive recruiter, Pat chose to switch sides and expose the secrets behind the hiring curtain – giving her clients an unfair advantage against a rigged and frustrating hiring system. Her 4-phase system gives her clients a bulletproof mindset, a shortened search, a lifetime of financial security, and personal ownership over their career and destiny.

In addition, Patricia’s TEDx talk was a wake-up call for corporate executives, urging them to stop living in complacency and denial and to disrupt themselves before they are disrupted. Her advice — “think and act like a gigger.”

What We Discuss With Patricia Romboletti In This Episode

  • What is the gig economy
  • How to think like a gigger as a senior level executive in a corporate role
  • Reframing your sense of loyalty to an employer
  • Using LinkedIn to curate and nurture your network
  • How giggers approach training differently than typical executives
  • Resume writing tips
  • As a leader, how to help your people not get blindsided

Episode Transcript Highlights

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