291: Lorna Davis, part 2: Can an Executive Buy No Clothes for a Year?


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Lorna's challenge is one of the longest and most personal at over a year.

I also couldn't wait to bring her story to you most because within weeks she was reporting the joys overcoming the challenges. We've become friends through her challenge. Within months she started sending senior executives my way as her sharing her challenge with them led them to follow.

In other words, Lorna didn't experience sacrifice or burden. She experienced personal growth and friendship. At least as I heard.

Don't take my word. Listen for yourself.

Maybe because we met through guests Tensie Whelan, NYU-Stern's head of sustainable business and Vincent Stanley, director at Patagonia, she's outgoing and friendly. Or maybe from her experience leading, which she describes in her TED talk that came toward the end of her year buying no clothes.

In any case, I keep having to remind myself she's from the C-suite of Danone, a 30 billion company, and that she helped Danone USA become the largest B-corp yet.

If anyone could claim to need clothes, she could. Listen to what she found instead. I hope you find similar relief from compulsion---saving money or time, connecting with family, having more fun, etc---as well as what else she found and shared.

  • Lorna's TED talk, undistracted by what to wear, focusing on leadership and rhinoceroses.

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