295: Brent Suter, part 1: Major league baseball pitcher and steward


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I met Brent through guest Tia Nelson, both Wisconsin celebrities---she in politics, he in sport---who work with the Outrider Foundation.

He is this podcast's first MLB pitcher in string of athletes from the Olympics, NFL, Americas Cup, beep baseball, and more. I bring athletes because they excel in the key leadership domain of personal growth and development.

In a world based on polluting, environmental action requires challenging yourself to grow and develop. Early leaders like this podcast community have to swim upstream, acting against cultural norms.

Besides winning on the diamond, as you'll hear from Brent, he is also developing himself, his teammates, the Brewers organizations, and the Brewers fans to act environmentally. Professional athletes not being known for hugging trees, he's choosing to take on challenges he doesn't have to. He wrote of his stewardship and teamwork in Winning Over My Baseball Teammates to Strikeout Waste.

In this episode he shares why and how. We also talk about the professional athletic experience---what it's like being on the mound, to work your way to the majors with no guarantee, to recover from injury, and more.

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