128 - It's ALL About Dignity With Esther Weinberg


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"Dignity of human nature requires that we must face the storms of life." -Mahatma Gandhi

Part of being human is to know that we're heard, we're valued, we're respected and that what we do provides some kind of meaning. Where does that come from? It's all about dignity!

Today's workplace cultures have a void and that void is dignity. People's needs aren't being met and this episode's guest is out to change it! Her name is Esther Weinberg and she has got the GOODS! Want to change your workplace to one where people want to be and flourish? Take a listen!


More on Esther...

Esther Weinberg is a leader in redefining organizational culture.

She and her team assist mid to large media companies, their employees and specifically their executive leadership teams to build sustainable company cultures based on respect, safety and trust.

Esther is a powerhouse game changer who has successfully transformed organizations, executive leaders, and teams for over 20 years. From a Disney and FOX executive to an expert in organizational leadership development, Esther’s unique training and mentorship ability taps into the pulse of the current challenges today’s media, publishing and tech companies are facing internally.

Using The Ready Zone TM framework, Esther coaches and trains leaders through change with proven systems to reframe, refocus and realign – and ultimately rise to lead.

Esther creates breakthrough strategies for Netflix, NBCUniversal, Microsoft, Turner, Warner Bros., Sony, DreamWorks Animation, Univision, Discovery Communications, CNN, Adobe and Disney.

Esther has built a reputation as a thought leader that practices what she shares, standing in the shoes of C-Suite executives as both an interim CEO and leader at numerous organizations. Esther’s passion for developing leaders globally and building cross-cultural solutions stems from her work abroad including in Botswana, Israel and in Uganda. Esther also held executive positions at Disney/ABC Television Group and Fox.

Esther is a graduate of New York University with a major in Journalism and CoachU. She is a member of Women in Cable Telecommunications, PromaxBDA, and Harvard’s Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital as well as an Introductory Leader for Landmark, a worldwide company facilitating personal development programs.

Contact: Esther Weinberg at esther@mindlightgroup.com, 323-424-3474.

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