S3E4 Creating Quiet Space with Che Johnson


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Che Johnson is a soulful Copywriter who supports big hearted female entrepreneurs to spread their message and make an impact. We've crossed paths over the years in the online business world and it's been amazing to watch Che's journey to discovering her true alignment and creating a business that supports her to shine as a quiet soul. In this episode, we also talk about: // Finding pockets of time in the day to create space and quiet; // The strengths of being an introvert and having an online business and being able to create your own life around it; // Learning to honour the ebbs and flows of your energy as an introvert, to tune in and feel what's going on; // The joy of the online business world to be able to create flexibility in alignment with our strengths and what we need; // The quiet strengths of introverts to create businesses that support others and contribute meaningfully and find success on our own terms; // Turning away from replicating formulas and methods others have had success with because it's not aligned; // Switching between creating content for clients and creativity in your own business; // Constantly checking in with what we're doing and how we're doing it, to change and evolve in ourselves and our businesses; // Needing to control what's going on in our business and energy as a way of predicting or controlling the outcome; // The importance of creating stillness through meditation to calm your mind and your energy.

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