34. Why building an authentic brand pays off in e-commerce


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Adore Beauty CMO reveals how they created a #1 podcast and their data-driven approach to growth.

Responsible for company growth, brand and data, Dan Ferguson has led high and sustained rates of new customer acquisition through enhanced analytics and marketing initiatives including multiple new channels and the launch of Adore Beauty’s podcast Beauty IQ Uncensored which is ranked #1 in Beauty and Fashion on iTunes (as of 26 August 2021).

In this episode we discuss:

  • Dan’s fascinating background and how his first marketing role with Dell Computers paved the way for his career;
  • What impact the Adore Beauty IPO has had on Dan’s role and the marketing team;
  • How, during the pandemic, they launched a TV ad campaign in about 3 weeks, to reach a wider audience and build brand awareness for Adore Beauty knowing that a spike in e-commerce was on the horizon;
  • How Adore Beauty have built a No.1 podcast show, and what CMOs can learn about the ins, outs, pros and cons of launching a podcast;
  • How Dan has built out a modern marketing team, including how he overhauled the data function; and
  • Dan’s take on leadership and some of the lessons he’s learned along the way to build a strong culture and attract great talent.

Dan has over 20 years’ experience in e-commerce and digital marketing. Prior to joining Adore Beauty, Dan had extensive roles growing and leading e-commerce, multi-channel and online retail business in Australia for local & global brands including Vistaprint, Officeworks, Dell with consistent average 2.5x business or portfolio growth across his tenure in these roles.

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