Agile is Over (Or Not) with Allen Holub


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In this episode, Allen joined Shahin to talk about what truly Agile is in today’s world of Software Development.


We conversed about and around the following topics:

  • Agile or Not
  • Agile is nothing more than Better Software Better
  • What is Real Agile Thinking? Reasons to Avoid Agile
  • Fake Agile, Dark Agile (Foe Agile)
  • Trust is the heart of agile
  • SAFE v.s. Scrum; Kanban Board Assumes Linear Process

Agile in The Time of Corona

  • Scrum’s Response to Corona
  • Remote Working Went Bad – More Silos
  • The Complexity Of Working From Home
  • Work Is A Human Activity

Challenges of Successful Agile Transformation in Large Organization (And Typically Failures)

  • Experiments Failure in Big Organizations; PMO and Agile Failure Pattern
  • ING Transformation Story (New Zealand) + Home Depot
  • Dunbar Number

Agile Architecture

  • Designing Flexible (Agile) Code and Dependency (of code) with the Client; The Holub Principle
  • Architecture Process Code Culture Connected for True Agile
  • Mob Moves Forward Even If Individual Has To Drop Out And Come Back In

Social Software Development & Mentorship

People & Resources:

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