Value, Stream, Mapping or All! with Steve Pereira


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In this episode, Steve joined Shahin to talk about Value Stream Mapping. For the first time, we had a live audience recording the episode. Peter, Ali, and Nasima from the audience asked questions from Steve by the end of the show.


We conversed about and around the following topics:

  • Value Streams let you see the big picture and your biggest bottlenecks, risks, and opportunities.
  • A value stream captures a view beyond common Agile and DevOps visibility to how we create and deliver value.
  • A Value Stream Map lets to share that view with others and align on what to do next.
  • A map should be simple to start (you can always add more data if you want) – avoid heavy/complex approaches.
  • People are the most important part. Facilitation, handoffs, incentives, psychological safety are major factors.

People & Resources:

We referred to and/or mentioned the following people and/or resources:



  • Karen Martin
  • Helen Beal
  • Marc Hornbeek
  • Jeff Keyes
  • Jack Maher
  • Roy Osherove
  • Mike Orzen

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