EP112 - Building a Boutique Publishing House - An Interview with Tamara Pizzoli


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In this episode of Lean the F*ck Out, we talk with Dr. Tamara Pizzoli, owner and sole writer of independent publishing house, The English Schoolhouse, about how she built the boutique publishing house. She has penned over fifteen children’s books, connecting with professional fine artists to include the most amazing illustrations in each book. This episode is a must listen as Dr. Pizzoli shares her stories of building her business and owning her own abilities to get shit done and make her dreams a reality!

Building a Boutique Publishing House Episode Highlights:

  • “Adversity guards the door to success.”
  • Work doesn’t have to be difficult and cumbersome, sometimes it can be “that simple”.
  • Take your time. Make time for yourself and own pleasures and mischiefs.
  • Do it. Do something about it today. Start today, even something little.
  • Date your ideas.
Dr. Tamara Pizzoli

Dr. Tamara Pizzoli is the owner and sole writer at her independent publishing house, The English Schoolhouse. In five years she has penned over fifteen children's book titles including the award-winning story The Ghanaian Goldilocks and Tallulah the Tooth Fairy CEO, which has been optioned to be made into a live action film produced by Gabrielle Union and John Sacchi. Originally from Texas, Pizzoli has resided in Rome, Italy for over a decade where she does everything she deems creative and interesting while raising her four children.

You can find Tamara online at:

Facebook: Tamara Pizzoli Instagram: @tamarapizzoli Twitter: @engschoolhouse Website: theenglishschoolhouse.com

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