Ramadhaan Workshop 02 - Who has to fast in Ramadhaan? - Abu Muadh Taqweem | Manchester


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Ramadhan Workshop 2019 – Lesson 02 (13/04/2019) An explanation of the book Sharh Al Umdah – Shaykh ul Islam ibn Taymiyyah Today we covered: • A discussion surrounding who is obligated to fast within the month itself, and who can make up their fasts outside of Ramadhaan. • The ruling upon disbelievers as it relates to fasting. • The ruling on the “Majnoon” (the one who does not have their mental faculties). • What level of illness justifies not fasting? • Q&A session, including: o If someone returns back from travelling in the middle of the day, do they have to fast the rest of the day? Recorded at the Salafi Centre of Manchester on 13/04/2019 and streamed live on www.SunnahRadio.Net

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