79 - Book of Tawheed - Sahih al-Bukhari - Abu Muadh Taqweem | Manchester


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Sahih al-Bukhari – The Book of Tawheed – Lesson 79 (19/01/2019) Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, "When Allah ordains something on the Heaven the angels beat with their wings in obedience to His Statement which sounds like that of a chain dragged over a rock. His Statement: "Until when the fear is banished from their hearts, the Angels say, 'What was it that your Lord said?' 'They reply, '(He has said) the Truth. And He is the Most High, The Great. " (34.23) Today we covered: The speech of Allaah part 2 • The speech of Allaah • Allaah speaks the truth • Allaah is the most high, this has 3 different meanings: o Allaah is the most high in His essence (above His throne) o His names and attributes are the most perfect o In His power and might over the creation • The 2 main groups that went astray • We must affirm the name and attributes of Allaah • Examples of the people of deviation that understand the names and attributes of Allaah • The 2 types of innovation • The salaf affirmed that Allaah was above all of creation • An explanation into the common misconception that “Allaah is everywhere.” • Allaah is above, separate and distinct from creation • The 2 conditions of intercession o The permission of Allaah o Allaah must be pleased with both ones interceding (They are both people of tawheed) • Allaah has told you to call upon Him directly (with du’aa) and not go to the graves and ask the auliyah and Prophets. • The mushrikoon at the time of the Prophet believed in Allaah but they committed shirk by asking the auliyah • The Angels the hear the speech of Allaah • When Allaah resurrects His servants, He calls out to them with a voice that is heard • Travelling for the sake of knowledge • The importance of going out to seek knowledge • How the salaf travelled when seeking knowledge • Q&A session Benefit: To gain further understanding when we discuss the chains, follow our “Bayqooniyyah in the Sciences of Hadith” lessons on LearnAboutIslam: http://www.learnaboutislam.co.uk/2016/01/18/al-Ma’iyahndhoMa’iyahh-al-bayqooniyah/ The English translation of the hadiths and all the audio are available on: www.learnaboutislam.co.uk/bukhari Recorded at the Salafi Centre of Manchester on 19/01/2019 and streamed live on www.SunnahRadio.Net

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