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George Zeng, Product Marketing Manager at Facebook, describes what is involved in working as a Product Marketing Manager and what you can do to excel in this role. With an undergrad from Princeton, and grad from UPenn, and a highly diverse work experience ranging from Investment Banking at Goldman Sachs, to running Sales for Groupon for Souther China, to starting and selling his healthcare startup, George shares a number of clear, actionable advice not just for people interested in this role but advice for anyone looking for simple tips that could help you excel in your career. Some of the things we touch upon in this episode include: 1. What is Product Marketing Management 2. Two broad components of this role 3. Typical and atypical ways of doing this job - and how the atypical ways can help you achieve exceptional results 4. Type of projects someone would work on in this role 5. How the PMM role at Facebook might differ from other companies 6. Interesting and challenging aspects of this job 7. Common misconceptions about this role 8. Qualities in a person who would enjoy this role 9. Useful resources for interested candidates 10. Tips for anyone interested in this role 11. General tips for career greatness! :) Thank you for listening!! Follow the show on Twitter @LED_Curator Website www.learneducatediscover.com/ Like us on FaceBook at www.facebook.com/learneducatediscover/ Email us at learneducatediscover@gmail.com. We will reply!! Subscribe to the show on iTunes itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/learn…ver/id1049159321

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