Intermediate Oral Drill # 5 : IODW1.05 – Where did the wedding take place?


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To take a free trial for online Hindi lessons visit: In this episode, you’ll learn how to say- ‘Where did the wedding take place?’ and ‘When did the party begin?’ in Hindi And if you stay till the end, there will be an interactive role-play quiz, as well. Our oral drills immensely help all Hindi learners to acquire speaking skills, as these drills contain grammar tips and quizzes, in which the Cues, questions are used to prompt oral responses. They also train you to listen - respond and to think, in Hindi and help you assess your progress. Kindly support us & get access to the transcript of this podcast as well as the detailed worksheet based on this podcast with more vocabulary and weekly Exercise worksheets on Patreon : To help us improve the show, kindly give your feedback on our Facebook page :

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