Judy Okten: The Power of Disconnecting


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“From the moment we wake up to going to bed, we spend a lot of time consuming. But If you are consuming all day, you are not creating. We need to turn down the noise.”

This week we’re sharing a talk on “The Power of Disconnecting in the Digital Era” by P&G Alumni Judy Okten - given at P&G Alumni Global Conference Madrid in 2019. It’s a topic that’s becoming more relevant as we become more and more connected every day. Judy Okten is the Co-Founder & CEO of Burgeon Labs, a science-based learning company. that empowers healthcare practitioners and innovators to develop the most effective solutions to preventative and personalized medicine through data science. Judy is also the Co-founder of Vitality Food Lab where she launched BonJu, the first fresh green smoothie brand in Switzerland to make it easier for busy people to eat healthy. And of course Judy spent a large part of her career @ P&G - leading marketing teams in Geneva and Toronto - across haircare and homecare brands. She also spent 4 years in brand management @ KAO Brands in Canada, and 2 years as a business analyst at CIBC. The message of finding more space to create - not just consume - is of particular relevance, now more than ever.

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