Luiz Cannon Backfires, Blind Hawk-Eye, Vardy-Rooney, No-Vax Djokovic & Magic Rings


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So... the Premier League is back and the title race is getting tasty. Jurgen Klopp's stuttering Reds dropped points in the Merseyside derby which, coupled with a brace of wins for Man City, means the gap at the top is down to 20-points. Finally, things are getting interesting! Well, not really, but we can dream. Football without fans is taking some getting used to but at least Hawk-Eye did its bit to keep things interesting from the get go. Goal-line technology's first hiccup in 9,000 games got tongues wagging before David Luiz's disaster-class at the Etihad offered competition for the backpage headlines. The pain wasn't to end there for Mikel Arteta's battered and bruised Arsenal who travelled to Brighton and managed to snatch another defeat from the grasp of mediocrity. Things are sunnier on Tyneside, Newcastle smashed Sheffield United and their takeover might be edging closer. Soon they'll be competing in a European Super League with Bayern Munich, who've just won the Bundesliga (again!) and Juventus, who this week lost the Coppa Italia final to Napoli. Over in Russia, a 17-year-old goalkeeper won man-of-the-match for his heroics in a 10-1 defeat. How on earth did that happen?
After the break, we try not to go too hard on Novak Djokovic and his harem of globetrotting tennis stars who've contracted COVID-19 after organising a non-socially-distanced tournament in the Balkans. Tennis' world number has found out the hard way that the pandemic knows no bounds. It's still, sort of, funny though. The NBA thinks high-tech jewellery will help its players stay safe when they head to DisneyWorld. We're somewhat sceptical, despite Wogan's FitBit love. Finally, also Stateside, we cover the shocking news that a noose was found in the team garage of Nascar rider Bubba Wallace. The sport's only black driver insists he won't be beaten by racists angry after his successful attempt to get the Confederate flag banned. Good man.
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