Sir Marcus Rashford, Hooligans, La Liga's Mincemeat Fans & NASCAR Flag Fight


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So this is it... after three months, the Premier League finally returns. And not a moment too soon! The excitement was all a bit too much for the country's far-right extremists who without any football decided at the weekend that statues might appreciate their terrace chants instead. If the sight of the capital being sprayed with piss and racist slurs was depressing, we take huge heart from the Premier League's player-led decision to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matters movement. Marcus Rashford is another beacon of hope during difficult times. In the space of a couple of months, he's become the nation's darling thanks to his amazing charity work. From learning sign language to pressuring MPs to make a U-turn on the summertime abandoning of free school meals, is there anything he can't do? If that all sounds a bit heavy, don't worry, we still have time to laugh at La Liga's 'mincemeat' CGI fans and to diss forced Fantasy Football chat.
After the break, we discuss the news that Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua have reached an agreement over a two-fight deal in 2021. Eddie Hearn reckons it'll be the 'biggest British fight of a generation' but who is the mysterious Irishman pulling all the strings? We learn about Daniel Kinahan and his alleged dark past. In the States, NASCAR, under pressure from its only black driver, has finally banned the display of the Confederate flag at races? How big a step is this for the profile of the sport? Building on last week's apology for not listening to players protesting against racial injustice, the NFL has put its money where it's mouth is with a promise to donate $250 million to support the battle against the ongoing and historic injustices faced by African Americans. Could this all lead to a return to the field for Colin Kaepernick? We end the show with a look at the new Formula 1 calendar and the decision to let some courses host pairs of races. Enjoy!
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