Saka Cash, Handball, Wigan Scandal, NFL's R-Words Rebrand & OnlyFans Lasagne


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Now that Liverpool have been crowned champions, the Premier League's chasing pack seems slightly disorientated about whether they should bother stringing a run of results together. United have closed the gap on Chelsea and Arsenal have decided they aren't as bad as everyone thought a couple of weeks ago. Is it too little too late for Mikel Arteta? If nothing else, at least the Gunners have even edged ahead of Spurs who saw VAR and the handball rule combine to deny them an equaliser at Sheffield United. Is the law as bad as everyone thinks? Elsewhere, we cast an eye over Borussia Dortmund's recruitment policy as they close in on Jude Bellingham and we try to figure out what the hell has happened at Wigan Athletic. The Championship club went into administration this week under very shady circumstances.
We start part two discussing potential new names for Washington's NFL franchise as it decides to part ways with the R-Words moniker under pressure from sponsors. Our suggestions are terrible but so too are the bookies' favourites. Formula 1 enjoyed an exciting start in Austria. Lewis Hamilton missed out on a podium but young Brit Lando Norris made it. Who is he? And is he as posh as he sounds? We end the show getting to know golf's beefy Bryson DeChambeau. The American deliberately put on 40lbs during lockdown so he could hit the ball further... and it works, he won $1.3 million at the weekend. He's also keen to let the world know he has nice handwriting. Enjoy the show.
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