WLHR PUBLIC RADIO | All of the Things | "The Jobs Crisis" (with Andy Beckerman, David Bluvband, Naomi Ekperigin, and Chris Quintos)


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"All of the Things" covers current events and news from around the world, and has been WLHR's flagship news program for decades.

Today, Annia digs into the nation's pending job crisis and asks the hard question, why are shitty jobs so unappealing to prospective workers? Does this all portend disaster for the reopening economy? You decide.


Anna Rubanova as Annia Pontfife

Adam Bozarth as Stephen Zaddy

Chris Quintos as Linda Jonconner

Naomi Ekperigin as Lucy Toothhammer

Andy Beckerman as Jack Slack

David Bluvband as Richson Dickard

This WLHR podcast was written by Adam Bozarth and Anna Rubanova.

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