CinePsyEP225: Battle Royale Full Franchise Fest


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CinePsyEP225: Battle Royale Full Franchise Fest Upon every 25th episode a Full Franchise Fest must be celebrated in the PSYOPS Labs. The boys decide the best way to handle the 9th installment of this on going series is to cover a franchise with only two movies in it. (Hey, it’s still the FULL Franchise) That brings us to the cultural phenomenon that is Battle Royale. Plagued with controversy and held from official release in America for over a decade, Battle Royale spawned an ocean of emulations. imitations, and out right theft of intellectual property to cement its place in cinematic excellence. Spotify: iTunes: Stitcher: Google Play Music: Cinema PSYOPS Main page: Email feedback to Matt: Cort : Find on twitter Cort: @Cort_PSYOP Matt: @psyopmatt Join the FaceBook group: Instagram: cinema_psyops Flick Chat Group code: cinemapsyops

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