#28: CrossFit Games 2019 Wrap-Up


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As has been the case throughout the entire 2019 season, there was much controversy surrounding the 2019 CrossFit Games. Luke coached two national champions this year, so we get some “behind-the-scenes” insight from him - and learn about the process of having his coaches pass snipped when his athletes were cut. We dig into the controversy surrounding the cuts and try to unpack the reason that people are so upset about them - as well as come up with some possible solutions to make the cuts more fair. And, we also discuss the necessity of creating an ecosystem for the sport of fitness as a whole that gives everyone competing a great experience - not just the folks standing on the podium at the end of the weekend.

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Show Notes

  • [0:20] Luke’s behind-the-scene takes from coaching some national champions at the Games - and having his coaches band snipped.
  • [5:30] How do you communicate with your athletes relative to the cuts? How do you speak to them so that they can go into an event with confidence and leave with their head held high - even if they’re cut early in the event.
  • [13:39] What are the positives and the negatives of the new structure with the cuts? How could the cuts be structured to make the competition more fair?
  • [23:35] The order of the events - and the optimal balance of luck and skill in sport.
  • [31:45] What happens to the folks who are not on the podium? What should their experience be?
  • [37:20] What should the CrossFit Games qualifying process look like for 2020?

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