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Change Junkie - How to Rethink Life My interview with Monica Berg discussing different perspectives on how to rethink and live into your greatness. Using the wisdom of Kabbalah Monica share how we can practice becoming less reactive to life and diminishes the limiting effects of our ego. Monica and I also discuss our thoughts on how one can find their purpose and unique greatness and importantly defining what "greatness" and other terms mean. Finishing on her last book, Fear Is Not An Option, Monica gives insight into three types of fear sources and how by better understanding we can remove fear to live a limitless life. I hope you enjoy! Guest Bio Monica Berg is a CHANGE JUNKIE and she wants to challenge the way you think about EVERYTHING. In her first book, FEAR IS NOT AN OPTION, she challenged readers to eradicate fear from their lives. In her latest book, RETHINK LOVE, she uses years of personal experience teaching and counselling to eradicate false belief systems around love and relationships. Monica is a mother, wife, sister, teacher and friend, who integrates all that she is into her mission and as Chief Communications Officer of The Kabbalah Centre, she integrates her personal mission with this ancient wisdom.

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