Episode 2: Los Dos Podcastios – The Mirrorless vs. DSLR Debate! [LSP #0002]


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In this episode, we tackle the mirrorless vs. DSLR debate in this episode.

I talk about why I decided to ditch my Nikon D4s ($6,497) for a Nikon D750 ($2,297)…then just 6 weeks later drank the mirrorless Kool-Aid and added the AMAZING Sony a6000 ($448) and practically night vision Sony A7s ($2,498) to the mix!

We go over the pros and cons of mirrorless cameras vs. their DSLR counterparts and where these technologies are going.

We talk about how big name pro photographers are switching to mirrorless cameras in droves.

UP NEXT IN EPISODE 3: John in Illinois wants to know how depth-of-field works…and more!

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