Episode 38: Trey Ratcliff vs. Atlanta Police [LSP #0038]


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00:02:19 - Photographer Trey Ratcliff has his photo walk tour of the U.S. interrupted by police at Atlanta's Centennial Olympic Park.

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This weeks's listener question: 00:05:58 - Jeffrey from the Bronx, New York wants to know who he should have print his photos and what they charge.

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00:14:21 - Our friends at Petapixel publish an article about DMCA Takedown Requests. We discuss what you need to know about getting your photos removed from websites stealing your images, video and other works.

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00:16:05 - A photographer loses her camera during a charity bike race and you won't believe where it's found two years later.

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00:18:28 - Corel ParticleShop is released with cool brushes for Photoshop and Lightroom.

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00:19:50 - A photographer does a senior shoot...at Taco Bell.

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00:22:04 - Think Tank Photo releases Roller Flair, a product designed to make your roller bag more recognizable in the crowd.

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00:23:36 - Find out what country can sue you for photographing your meal at restaurants.

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00:25:37 - Find out what city in the U.S. has an "Instagram Officer".

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00:27:55 - Morpholio releases Journal, its digital sketchbook app.

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00:28:41 - Canon's new printer ads are hilarious and encourage people to print more.

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00:32:43 - A website pulls your Instagram photos and charges $150 for them.

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In Drone News: 00:34:00 - A jerk on a pier in San Diego makes a great shot and hooks a drone.

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00:36:45 - A hawk in Australia spots a drone and takes it down.


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