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On this week's episode I have the absolute pleasure of chatting to former New Zealand captain, gun opening batsman and mastermind coach Stephen Fleming. Flem was one of cricket's great leaders, but as he'll explain, his skills as a skipper took years to develop. Flem also talks about his passion for reading, the art of man management and how he became one of the game's great slip fielders.

Episode rundown
01:50 My highlight of Flem's career, his superb century in the 2003 World Cup (YouTube link below)
04:05 Flem speaks about his batting and how he never fully mastered the craft
08:30 Flem explains his catching process and technique
10:55 Lessons learnt about fitness
11:55 Flem's big learnings as a leader
15:45 The light bulb moment in his coaching career
20:29 Flem's mental checklist as a batsman and fundamentals as a coach
29:02 Flem talks about his relationship with the media
34:05 The financial lessons Flem has learnt
40:38 Flem's life philosophy and being comfortable in his own skin
44:30 The advice Flem would give to his 16-year-old self
46:05 Flem's favourite books

YouTube links
Flem's 134no v South Africa, 2003 World Cup

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