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When I first moved to NYC I kept hearing about the place in Soho--'I'd love,' I dragged my feet on checking it out, overwhelmed by the laundry list of places in the city, until one night I found myself there. My friend Nicole of Splendid Spoon hosted a dream decoding workshop at the space. As soon as I entered the space for the event I instantly understood why it had been recomended to me countless times. Eventually I figured out the space was owned by shaman and healer Deborah Hanekamp aka Mama Medicine and started following her work as well. It wasn't until I experienced one of her medicine readings after it was given to me as a gift that I fully understood her magic. Deborah is yes a talented healer with a beautiful aesthetic, but also a funny, grounded, extremely smart business woman, mother, and friend. I loved getting to hear her full, long story in this episode.

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-Mountain Rose Herbs

-The One Thing Podcast and Book

-Becoming a Successful Author Live Masterclass Webinar

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