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Allie Irwin - Allie is a leading body language expert and master coach. We jump right into our conversation about body language, what it is, its role in communicating, and how to create boundaries using just your body and not saying a word. Allie works with corporate teams and individuals, providing education and coaching to help them to tune into their body language, and that of others, toward increasing their communication skills, insight, awareness and success. Additionally, Allie works with parents, helping them navigate the teen years. Allie cuts through the overwhelm and stress of this phase and offers parenting strategies for keeping teens on track. She works with parents individually and also speaks to them via her podcast, Parenting Successful Teens. Today, Allie shares body language tips to help you personally and professionally. And for those of you who are parents, she is serving up helpful nuggets to help you connect with your child. Let's Figure It Out with Allie Irwin… Website - Podcast - Parenting Successful Teens - PS - I reference my podcast with Jenn Stroud Rossman and I misspoke about the name of her book. The correct name is...The Place You're Supposed to Laugh. You can get it here on Amazon -

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