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Eric Nordhoff - Eric and I talk about not having regrets, living dangerously, finding out what you're capable of, and how there's always a way to find more time to pursue your passions. If you want to take a chance on YOU, this is your podcast. Today on Let's Figure It Out you'll meet Eric Nordhoff. You may know him as the Co-Founder of Walker Stalker Con, now called Fan Fest, an Inc Fortune 500 company. He is a courageous innovator, creator, entrepreneur and business inventor who is having success monetizing his creativity. Eric shares with us his professional journey and how he's followed fun and listened to his gut to pursue what some may call an unconventional career path. Eric's career began managing domestic and international sales and marketing at christian entertainment companies for a decade, touting artists like Amy Grant, Sixpence None the Richer, Michael W. Smith and Take 6. In 2008 he had the foresight to see how working in the music industry was going to change with the evolution of iTunes and online music. He saw the growing trend of Amazon and Ebay and leveraged his music relationships to create new online sales businesses. He was an early adopter of podcasts, seeing their future in business development, realizing he could leverage them to help grow his sales team. In 2013, he took a love of the TV show "The Walking Dead" and together with James Frazier, founded The Walker Stalkers Podcast for fans of the TV Show. It evolved into a successful convention business - Walker Stalker Con (and it's affiliated Heroes & Villains Fan Fest) serving 500,000+ people annually. The company, Fan Fest, is now an Inc. 500 company. A heads up, Eric and I have known each other since high school so you'll get an inside peek into two "young" friends reconnecting. I was excited to feature him on the podcast to share with you how he figured out how to monetize his creativity, continue evolving, and be one step ahead of the trends. Let's Figure It Out with Eric Nordhoff... Eric's Website - Instagram - Eric_Nordhoff Music by Eric - "I think we should all pursue something that when we’re doing it we lose track of time because we're just enjoying being in it, doing it." - Eric Nordhoff

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