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Linnette Attai - Today I welcome Linnette Attai to the podcast. If you're interested in data privacy, especially when it comes to your child, school district, or your company, this podcast is for you. Linnette saw a market need, leveraged her corporate knowledge, ventured out on her own and created her company Play Well LLC where she advises private and public companies, schools and districts, trade organizations, lawmakers, and policy influencers. She serves as a virtual chief privacy officer and data protection officer to select clients, and speaks nationally on data privacy matters. For over 25 years, Linnette Attai has been building compliance cultures at organizations and guiding clients through the complex compliance obligations governing data privacy matters, user safety, and marketing, with a focus on the education and entertainment sectors. Prior to founding PlayWell, Linnette served as Vice President of Standards & Practices for Nickelodeon, where she developed and managed compliance policies and practices for all lines of business, overseeing company compliance with COPPA, the FCC’s Children’s Television Act, advertising regulation and industry self-regulation. She also served as a compliance executive with CBS-TV. Linnette currently serves on the Rutgers University Center for Innovation Education Cybersecurity Advisory Board, and is the Project Director for the Consortium of School Networking (CoSN) Privacy Initiative and their Trusted Learning Environment program She created an FTC-approved Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) safe harbor program, and the nation’s first student data privacy and security self-regulatory program. Linnette has also advised the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) on compliance issues, helping to write their guidelines on children’s advertising and leading a subcommittee on children’s privacy. Linnette often presents to developers, marketers, researchers and attorneys about privacy, safety and advertising concerns, including compliant innovation, monetization models and user engagement. She has taught a course she designed on marketing to millennials and young consumers at the Fordham Graduate School of Business, and is currently an adjunct professor of marketing at The New School. She is launching her first book this summer, “Student Data Privacy: Building a School Compliance Program" - A step-by-step guide for schools on how to build a data privacy compliance program. Let's Figure It Out With Linnette Attai… Website - Twitter - @PlayWell_LLC Book - “Student Data Privacy: Building a School Compliance Program" - available on Amazon -

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