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Sundae Schneider-Bean - Sundae Bean - Sundae is an intercultural strategist and solution-oriented coach. She helps individuals adapt as quickly and painlessly as possible to the ever changing circumstances of international life. She specializes in minimizing time to adapt and maximizing satisfaction and success abroad. Her expertise is sought out by clients ranging from European multi-national organizations to international NGO's, as well as from West and East African country directors to seasoned expat spouses. Sundae helps individuals and organizations expedite success, create meaningful connections abroad and at home, and cherish the experience. She fast-tracks client adaptation and guides them through their most hefty challenges to make important changes that last. Sundae's work has been featured by the U.S. State Department in the Foreign Service Assignment Notebook, Internations, Expat Woman, and International School Parent Magazine, among others. Sundae has lived abroad for over 18 years and deeply understands the challenges that come with it. She brings this experience to her clients which to date hail from over 60 countries and six total continents. Sundae is American by birth, Swiss by marriage, and an expat in South Africa by choice. If you'd like to learn more about Sundae you can visit her online at sundaebean.com. And here's an insider secret for Let's Figure It Out listeners…Sundae's Year of Transformation program launches later this month but you can check it out now at http://sundaebean.com/year-of-transformation/. It's already almost sold out so if you're interested in getting a life upgrade, check it out. You can also follow Sundae on Twitter @SundaeBean or on Facebook @SundaeBeanLLC. And check out her podcast on iTunes, Expat Happy Hour, rated #1 on iTunes in Places & Travel.

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