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Deborah Munies - I'm in the hot seat today giving you the inside scoop! In this episode of Let's Figure It Out, my longtime friend Eric Nordhoff is taking over the podcast. He's pulling back the curtain and interviewing me. I had a chance to feel what it's like to be on the other side (yikes!). You may remember Eric from Podcast 6. He's a courageous entrepreneur who is having success monitizing his creativity. Most notably, you may know him as the Co-Founder of Walker Stalker Con, now called Fan Fest, an Inc Fortune 500 company. Eric takes me on a walk down memory lane and to uncover how I figured out my far! It was fun to chat with my my friend as he helped me to tell my story. Website - LinkedIn - @DeborahMunies Instagram - @DeborahMunies Facebook - @DeborahMuniesLifeCoach

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