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The Co-Co founders - Lauren Decker, Lynne Pagano, Suzanne Willian - Joining me today are the three founders of The Co-Co - A Co-working and Co-Learning space in Summit New Jersey and THE go to co-working space in Central New Jersey. The CoCo supports women where ever they are on their journey of life and career. And they have! You may have heard me mention The Co-Co over the past few months as I've been recording my podcasts there, and calling it my new office. The secret sauce to The Co-Co isn't its beautiful decor, its intellectual social action panel discussions, or it's good coffee. It's the three founders - Lauren Decker, Lynne Pagano and Suzanne Willian. All of them extremely accomplished and brilliant and on a mission to cultivate a community where all women can belong, thrive, and become their fullest selves. We discuss going from idea to creation and becoming the somebody in "somebody should do something." All three have children and we talk about their journeys to balance work and family, the good and bad years being a stay at home mom at times, and the important decisions they've made along the way. And if you're a stay at home mom who thinks you can't start a career or pick up your career, think again. The Co-Co, and I, are here to tell you differently. If you're looking to find a community where you're known and valued, and want to connect with others who can support and inspire your journey, visit The Co-Co. Mention you heard about them on the Let's Figure It Out Podcast and get a complimentary day pass to check out The Co-Co. Let's figure it out with The Co-Co… Website - Facebook - Instagram - @thecoconj Email -

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