Sensitive Souls


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Katharine Wismer - Today I'm joined by Katharine Wismer, owner of Soulful Connections Life Strategies. She is a sensitive soul mentor, helping women who are highly sensitive to embrace what it means to be a sensitive soul. And if you're not sure what a sensitive soul is, don't worry because we are going to cover that in today's podcast. Prior to starting her business, Katharine spent over 25 years designing, teaching and coaching leadership courses for large companies including Microsoft and Boeing, most notably facilitating the Leadership Excellence course at the Boeing Leadership Center in St. Louis. She holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Education, and a Masters in Organizational Development. Katharine is an innovative and creative leader of programs, classes, retreats, coaching experiences and events designed specifically for the needs of highly sensitive people. She leads clients to embrace their gifts and create habits of positive self-care that allow them to thrive in the world. Katharine partners with other leaders in the field of highly sensitive people like Elaine Aron and Jacqueline Strickland, to provide transformational experiences that strengthen and reinforce the positive empathic qualities of Sensitive Souls that are needed in our world today. Katharine believes "rigorous self-care and boundary setting are not an option; they are just as important as eating if Sensitive Souls are to be healthy and happy." Today we'll talk about how to own who you are and be your best self. Let's Figure It Out with Katharine Wismer… You can find out more about Katharine at or follow her on instagram @giftsofsensitivesouls. And in September Katharine will be co-hosting an HSP gathering, Highly Sensitive People, near Seattle at Whidbey Institute. Visit Website – Facebook - @katharinewismer Instagram - @giftsofsensitivesouls Twitter - @katharinewismer

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